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This gallery shows Katherine’s Early Works | Paintings. Paintings.  Purchase an original fine art painting. Prints sold through her representatives, agent, and partners, see the About page and partners below.

How to Buy Prints

Her early works: paintings and digital images are also available to purchase as prints from Fine  Art America, Turning Art, and Saatchi Art. Click on these links to view how to buy prints of Katherine’s originals. Share your favorite paintings and photos. Use your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter share button on every page. Sharing is loving. Katherine loves sharing. You are a valuable friend. Please share her art on their social media sites.


Inspired by the paintings, do they capture your imagination and inspire you?  Work with Katherine on a commission. First, please select the contact form and email Katherine. Next, she sets up an appointment to discuss your needs.

Subject Matter or Location

A favorite location that inspires you! A proposal location, your marriage location, the romantic honeymoon location, a favorite vacation location, or even a family home or boat. These make a great painting location.  Why? They capture the experience. Do you have a favorite Bible verse? Katherine loves to paint those for patrons, corporations, or public works.

Showing 1–12 of 113 results

Showing 1–12 of 113 results