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About Katherine

An Original

Katherine Green is an American Fine Artist from Wilton, Connecticut. She entered her first fine art show when she was 14 years old and won an honorable mention. Winning an honorable mention at this art show motivated her to continue working on her paintings, eventually studying Fine Art at the University of Colorado. Her mother, who also was an artist, was her first oil painting and watercolor teacher.  Although her training was classical, today, she is a modern impressionist.

About Katherine Green’s Process from Photo to Painting


Katherine’s process isn’t complicated. She is inspired by her nature, travel, and the locations she has seen around the world. Her photography focuses on the light at that moment, at that location. She preps for a large public piece by doing watercolor sketches or photography studies. Katherine’s medium is oils or watercolors. She paints exclusively on two surfaces: canvas and handmade paper.

As the photos above show, the painting focuses on the lights and darks. Her location is the inspiration of her painting’s compositions, as the image above shows. The photos show how the lights and darks of the image inspire the painting. Lastly, Katherine incorporates her classical oil painting techniques, with her watercolor techniques. The goal of her work is to create an atmosphere of serenity.

About Katherine

Classically Trained

Originally, Katherine’s classical training allows her to paint spontaneously. Hopefully, her work captures her spirit. After all, art is in the eye of the artist and the collector. Most collectors say that Katherine’s colors capture emotions, and her brush delivers passion.

Undoubtedly, her focus is always on color. Katherine’s use of color is what makes her work unique and collectible. Color is her thing. All her work is through the eyes of the artist.


Katherine’s goal is to create paintings, which evoke calmness, serenity, and healing.  Many of her works, hang in Cancer wards which delights her as one of her best achievements. If her work provides comfort to patients and patrons, she considers herself successful. On the other hand, Katherine’s paintings might capture a thrilling moment of a sailboat race or a once-in-a-lifetime event. But like a breath, it’s one moment. Hopefully, that moment is universal and inspiring. Most importantly, she just loves to paint because it calms her soul. Painting is her passion. Not surprisingly she loves to talk about art. Just ask her. She is happy to talk about art.


Hopefully, the emotion a viewer feels is captured by her colors and evokes harmony. When you look at her work, you might find you have experienced the emotion or experience. If that happens, and an emotional connection is made, then she has achieved her goal. Lastly, hopefully, the moment evokes a deep memory. Memories are priceless.


Katherine starts by picking a theme and subject. Next, she develops her concept by using photographs. she transforms the photo into a watercolor expression of her experience. By using this approach, it allows her to deeply explore the subject. Whether, in pastoral landscapes, nautical scenes, or breathtaking views, she creates an impression for the viewer. Lastly, Katherine is known to develop a series around the theme that focuses on the subject. In conclusion, the colors emanate from the light changing. Her work is universal and timeless. As an investment, her past work and current work, do pass the test of time.


Katherine paints in a variety of sizes. She paints miniatures to her largest work of 2.1 meters x 4.5 meters (7 feet x 14 feet) sold to a Roman architect for his villa in Tuscany, Italy.

Commission, unfinished, painted in Italy - work in progress. 8 feet x 14.5 feet
Under the Tuscan Sun – Dusk


Katherine studied Fine Art, Studio at the University of Colorado, Boulder, under Gene Matthews. She holds a BFA in Fine Arts, Magna Cum Laude with Honors. Today, she continues her studies at museums, studying the great masters. Therefore, Art Museums are one of her favorite places.


Katherine loves to learn from others. She is a Life member of Northwest Watercolor Society signature. Katherine is also a National Watercolor Society and American Watercolor Society Member. Selected twice by PONCHO’s prestigious invitational collection; she reflects the Northwest and Western painting style.

Favorite Subjects

Katherine loves sailboat racing. In 2009 and 2013 she went to America’s Cup. The sailing community honored her with the inclusion of one of her paintings as part of their collection. Needless to say, she loves to paint spectacular racing boats of any kind. Additionally, landscapes are her favorite commissioned works. Most importantly, not least important, Katherine loves working on abstract paintings based on Bible verses.

Who Buys Her Work

Immediately following art school, her work was sold to corporate America and continues to sell to investors throughout her career.

katherine green fine art and photography

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Public Speaking

Hopefully, you have enjoyed the story behind Katherine’s passion for fine art painting and photography. Please, use the contact form to contact her with speaking opportunities. She does public speaking and demonstrations.  If you want to discuss one of her pieces, please contact her. She is always happy to hear from art lovers. If you enjoy the work, let her know. Katherine looks forward to hearing from you. Maybe, you will have one of her pieces in your home, office, or public place. Currently, she loves to do corporate work and public work. If you have a project and want to discuss it, please use the contact form, and contact Katherine.

Selected Exhibitions

  • Archangel Art Collective
    Seattle Design Center, 2011
  • Lucy B, Campbell Fine Art Gallery
    Kingston Church London, United Kingdom, 2009
  • Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center – acquisition for the hospital
    Seattle, Washington, 1993
  • Stein Fine Art Gallery on the magic mile
    Chicago, Illinois, 1987
  • Celestial Season and University of Colorado; One Woman Show
    Boulder, Colorado, 1974
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  • List of Commissions and Collectors

Selected Press and Publications

  • Featured in Seattle Living, Seattle Times Living, and The Art Magazine
    February 1981 and March 1986
  • Featured in a Book. THE NORTHWEST ARTISTS  1990
  • Author, Istanbul  Calls, 2010, Alone on a Middle East Journey

Thank you for reading this. If you made it this far, she would love to hear from you. Please drop her a line from the contact page. Please contact Katherine if you want one of her original paintings or want her to do a commission for you. Last but, not least, if you want a print of her work, please contact Turning Art or Fine Art America.

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